In case you haven’t heard the BIG news for 2014 in VLSI Design field in India, here you go:

dvconindia2014logo2DVCon, the most popular Verification centric conferences across the world in the field of Electronics (VLSI) Design is expanding to other geographies in 2014. After successful run in the USA for well over the last decade, DVCon is now happening in India and Europe. More details at:


In this series of articles we, the VerifNews team ( will bring views from various stakeholders of this mega event and highlight why it matters to each and every VLSI Design engineer.

To start with, let’s look at the timeline of related events that eventually lead us to this successful launch. The VLSI industry in India is some 30 years old (young) having started with Texas Instruments’s early chip design activities back in the 1980s along with inhouse Defence labs.

As with any high-tech, brain driven industry, the maturity, value-chain goes high when there are credible conferences around the various challenges, innovations in that industry. VLSI Design has been one of the most fascinating fields to work with and it attracts the country’s topnotch brains to be part of it.

Here is a rough picture of various related events so far in this domain, in this geography.


As you can see in the picture, at the bottom left corner, the search for a credible, vendor neutral, industry centric conference has been ON for all these years. Many of our leading authors, leads, architects, engineers had to travel abroad to publish their work at such a conference. Despite such challenges, our engineers have been presenting at worldwide events over the last decade. Clearly any local event would attract much more talent and represent those who are unavailable to make such travel due to various constraints (Visa, time needed, cost, approvals etc.).

Finally the wait is over, and we now have DVCon (, the most cherished, respected conference in the field of ASIC & FPGA Design, Design-Verification is scheduled for Sep 25-26 in Bangalore. Details are available at

The Call For Abstracts (CFA) is open till July 7th, 2014, see:


So go ahead and submit your Design-Verification story filled with adventures, challenges, innovations spread across two tracks: DV Track & ESL Track. Submit extended abstracts online via:

Stay tuned to VerifNews for more exciting news, viewpoints, opinion pieces etc.