Web event: VCS AMS for Advanced SoC Mixed-signal Verification

Date: September 3, 2014

Time:10:00 AM PDT

The growth in mixed-signal SoC designs is driven by many factors, including cost, performance and power consumption. To deal with these constraints, a mixed-signal verification solution must offer not only performance and flexibility, but also superior verification techniques and methodologies. By coupling industry-best simulation performance with natively integrated technologies for advanced functional and low-power verification, Synopsys’ VCS AMS mixed-signal verification solution provides superior productivity and flexibility as well as a powerful SystemVerilog-based methodology extending proven digital verification techniques to mixed-signal designs.

This webinar includes:

An introduction to the VCS AMS mixed-signal verification solution and key capabilities for coverage-driven AMS testbench development, low-power mixed-signal verification, and regression throughput

Highlights of how STMicroelectronics is successfully using VCS AMS for both verifying mixed-signal designs using techniques such as assertions and scoreboarding as well as accelerating regression test throughput with the Save and Restore capability

A description of how ARM is able to use the advanced verification techniques and productivity features of VCS AMS for its validation methodology of physical IP (I/O interface).

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