For all those tuned into DVCon India 2014 that’s scheduled for later this week (Sep 25-26), there is some more good news to cheer about. This year, perhaps for the first time in DVCon world-wide history the complete agenda is now available on your mobile via a native, handy, tiny App!

Fetch it for FREE from:


Courtesy,, this app aims to make the carbon footprint that such conferences leave on this earth – usual is to have paper only agenda leading to lot of paper waste! The new mobile app, running on Android has been developed to keep the memory footprint really small. It doesn’t require any special access to your contacts, profiles etc. so no worries of privacy either. It runs in offline mode, so no additional bandwidth of internet once installed.


So go ahead download the app, and you won’t have to miss any session during the event as you will have the full agenda handy all the time!