In case you missed it, the Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi announced the “Make in India” campaign last week (See: Though in his true vision it is primarily intended for Manufacturing sector,  a bunch of smart entrepreneurs in SW/IT world tagged onto it and suggested that “Make apps in India” should also be part of it, we at VerifNews ask Why Not?  It was the likes of Sachin Bansal, CEO of who initiated this inclusion on Sep 26th (Read: 

VerifNews had already done the first step by developing a Mobile App for the DVCon India show and made it available FREE of cost at: 


Interestingly at DVCon India event, CVC unveiled a few “VC Apps” (Verification Compiler Apps, to run on Synopsys’s VC platform) during its joint tutorial with Synopsys (“SoC Verification Challenges Offer Opportunities to Take a New Look at Debug”, Amit & Srini).

The basic thought behind the VC Apps is best described with a picture as below:




Two of those VC Apps developed at CVC’s VerifWorks are:

  • DVCreate
  • EDUPunk UVM

The screenshots below were demonstrated at the event:


DVCreate_Apps EP_UVM_Apps


At the tutorial Breker also demo-ed their VC Apps for HW-SW debug with Verdi & TrekSoC.



As Sachin Bansal noted in his interview, “India has a great opportunity to lead the Mobile Apps world”, we at VerifNews believe India has a real opportunity to lead the VC Apps development and in general Verification Apps that can work across platforms if we do it right! This is because India is already leading the world in SystemVerilog & UVM adoption as per Wally Rhine’s keynote statistics showed at the event. Hence we have the maximum number of UVM/SV users in the world and hence the opportunity to innovate on the apps requirement, development and deployment.

CVC’s VerifWorks ( has taken the lead and shown to the world that we can do this from India. It will be interesting to see how many new VC Apps makes it to next year VC Apps Developers’ forum ).