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History was in the making on Sep 25-26 as the first ever DVCon India conference unrolled to an enthusiastic audience. As rightly pointed by Mrs. Ajeetha Kumari, Vice Chair of DVCon India 2014, it was “Happy B’day” for DVCon India.


While that could be termed as “official birthday” celebration for DVCon India, an informal, unofficial birthday occurred during the Day-1 of this event. Since in an event like DVCon, the attendees look for “What is new for me to learn for this year and coming years” the topic of “Portable Stimulus” provided them enough food for thought with 3 solid presentations on this topic well orchestrated by Mentor Graphics.

  • CVC first presented the requirements from user perspective
  • Breker then presented how their Graph Based Trek family of products addresses this challenge
  • Mentor, with its inFact technology showed some cool language level details to show how their customers are solving some of these challenges and the road ahead for SW driven tests using this Portable Stimulus.

The presentations should become available online shortly and we at VerifNews would keep our readers updated on the same.

The impact of this tutorial was wide visible as many attendees kept talking about it long after the session during tea breaks, lunch breaks and late in the evening. Many walked into the booths of the vendors and asked for more details, demos etc. Some even wanted to start playing with the concept through existing approach of Graph Based Portable Stimulus and pushed the vendors to provide eval versions of the tools with Graph engines. Suddenly it was as if:

graphs_ewhere Many in the audience have been to DVCon USA for several years and relate the fever of “Portable Stimulus” at the current event to that of UVM at DVCon USA few years back and started naming the Day-1 of DVCon India as:


Hence it became an unofficial birthday party for the Portable Stimulus, strictly unofficial, driven by attendees and triggered by the tutorial presenters; think of it like a “smart mob” organized to highlight the need of the hour in DV space. The “mob” organizers are below: Adnan (Breker), Pradeep (Mentor), Srini (CVC):

To give the readers a bit of background, Portable Stimulus Proposed Working Group (PSPWG) is one of the most vibrantly being worked out standards working group after the SystemVerilog & UVM standards in Accellera. While the standard is quite a distant away, early inventors have working solution on how this can be done with solid customer success stories already. One of the most promising ways of achieving/realizing the portable stimulus goals is through “Graph Based Verification”.

Here is a quick introduction to Portable Stimulus:

portable_stimThe basic concept being the Design Verification is fast becoming both HW and SW integrated. Hence there are several redundancies across HW and SW verification/validation and urgent attempts are needed to reduce the same.

The proposed “Portable Stimulus Working Group” at Accellera started gathering requirements form various user groups, member companies and vendors.

A “Portable Stimulus” model could be driving ESL model underneath or a full blown RTL model through a UVM testbench.

This is of interest to verification and validation teams using: Simulation, Emulation all the way upto Post-Silicon. That was obvious with the attendees interest at the event as one can see at the below pictures:


So come and join the bandwagon of Portable Stimulus and drive the next generation Verification highway!