DVCon India had a rousing start earlier this week, thanks to the tremendous efforts put in by a highly energetic team of volunteers. Below are some pictures from the event. Much more to come.

While the final numbers are still coming the last I heard at end of Day-1 is ~450 attendees. Recall it is a *PAID* conference, first ever in Indian DV ecosystem, this is amazing to say the least! There were 2 parallel tracks: DV and ESL. There were some common sessions and some overlaps and several focussed tutorials/papers per track.


Speaking of overall submissions and acceptance, here are some statistics.

That indicated even before the event that it is a great start. That prediction came true as one can see from pictures below:


photo 2photo 3photo 1

Keynote by Wally Rhines, CEO of Mentor was very well received and was full of numbers, graphs, statistics to show how SystemVerilog & UVM have grown to dominate the DV space.


On the general messaging/feedback a common theme that seemed to have caught both DV and ESL folks is the “Portable Stimulus” concept. There was a 90 minutes tutorial on this topic in DV Track, but the concept applies to both the domains as one can see from the big picture (courtesy Mentor Graphics).


Much like how one of the earlier DVCon USA events (guess 2005, anyone?) was fondly known as “ABV Con” due to the overwhelming buzz around the “Assertion Based Verification” back then, this year’s DVCon India 2014 Day-1 will be remembered in the history for what many of the attendees referred to as:



More on that in another post!

The event concluded with best paper awards ceremony and it was Dolly Mehta’s UVM custom phasing that was chosen (by attendees) as the winners and Mark Glasser’s “UVM Resource DB/Config DB” that won the runners. Below is Srini of CVC presenting the award to Mark: