Very interesting read from recent CDN blog. From our quick browse, wearing our technical hat, the following are more useful for SV/UVM folks:


5. IEEE 1801 (aka UPF) Power Supply Network Browser: The easy way to debug your UPF power supply network.

6. Quick diff in the waveform viewer: A fast way to detect unexpected signal differences.

7. UVM Sequence Viewer: Making sense of UVM sequences and their hierarchy.

8. Cloning of SystemVerilog randomization calls: Ability to extract the relevant code related to a randomization call.

9. Test Case Optimizer: Trimming down a testcase to a small fraction of it size to recreate an issue: Error, Warning etc.

10. Automated Transaction recording and viewing for UVM: Quickly turn UVM sequence activity in visual transactions.

via Pretty Fly For an Old Feature—Discovering Existing But Unknown Incisive Verification Features – Functional Verification – Cadence Blogs – Cadence Community.