Best Practices for DO-254 Requirements Traceability

Jointly Presented with Richland Technologies 
Date: Thursday, December 18, 2014
Register for EU 4:00PM to 5:00PM CET
Register for US 11:00AM to 12:00PM PST

DO-254 enforces a strict requirements-driven process for the development of commercial airborne electronic hardware. For DO-254, requirements must drive the design and verification activities, and requirements traceability helps to ensure this. Learn in this webinar traceability best-practices for design assurance level (DAL) A FPGAs.  We will provide insights to questions such as: What is the recommended approach when tracing from FPGA requirements to HDL design sources, implementation, test cases and testbench and test results?  What type of output files are needed for traceability? What certification authorities look for when they review the traceability data?
Presented by:
Robert Atkinson, Richland Technologies Sr Consultant/Prof. Engineer
Louie De Luna, Aldec DO-254 Program Manager

  • Traceability as described in DO-254
• Traceability concepts
o Traceability matrix
o Upstream/Downstream traceability
• Benefits of traceability
o Requirements coverage analysis
o Impact analysis
o Test coverage analysis
• DAL A Traceability best practices for the following:
o Circuit card requirements and FPGA requirements
o FPGA requirements and conceptual design
o FPGA requirements and HDL source code
o FPGA requirements and Synthesis/P & R files
o FPGA requirements and test cases
o Test cases, testbench and simulation results
o Test cases, physical test procedures and test results
• Spec-TRACER Tool Demo
• Conclusion