Agnisys, the leader in Register automation solutions was exhibiting at DVCon US 2015. Our VerifNews team (VN) caught up with its CEO, Anupam Bakshi (AB) for a quick chat.


Below is an excerpt.

VN: How many years have you been exhibiting at DVCon?

AB: About 4-5 years.

VN: What are your key products/news around this DVCon?

AB: iDesignspec is what we have created for automated register verification.We generate everything for register verification by push of a button. We added more functionality around it. RegGenTool_new



VN: What would be your focus for the upcoming quarters?

AB: Our company’s vision is to create executable specification. Not just limited to registers, rather complete design. Basically starting from a documentation, automatically generate the design. We have done that for registers, sequences, ports and bus-es. We aim to do it for the entire design.

VN: Any other updates/news you want to share with our VerifNews readers?

AB: Check out our automatic register generation tool capabilities. The other big news is our DVinsight our tool for UVM TB generation. It is NOW available on RedHat along with other flavors of Linux. Below is an earlier image of the DVinsight (referred to as “Mystic Tool” back then)



VN: Thank you Anupam for sharing your thoughts. We wish your entire team at Agnisys a great success!