Accellera Community Newsletter: May 2015


Shishpal Rawat, Accellera Systems Initiative Chair May 2015

Message from the Chair

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our three new members: AMIQ, CVC and Vayavya Labs. We are happy to have them join our efforts and look forward to collaborating with them. Our members currently represent more than 11 countries, giving a voice to standards development worldwide.Accellera members continue to work together to evolve standards such as SystemC, SystemVerilog AMS, UVM and IP-XACT, as well as supporting the many IEEE standards that originated in Accellera.

We look to new frontiers such as Portable Stimulus and Transaction Level Protocols to determine how standards development in these areas can benefit the industry. As exciting new technologies emerge in this new era of IoT, Accellera members across the globe will be teaming to develop standards that will help accelerate development.At Accellera, our mission is to provide a platform in which the electronics industry can collaborate to innovate and deliver global standards that improve design and verification productivity for electronics products. It is evident by the many discussions and presentations on the agenda at the upcoming Design Automation Conference that tremendous opportunities abound.I look forward to seeing you at DAC next month

Source: Community Newsletter – May 2015