Success is viral! it gets even sweeter when it rides on global success and becomes a “continuum”. DVCon, the premier event around the VLSI Design & Verification has been a big hit among users and vendors alike globally. In 2014 it expanded globally to India & Europe. The 2014 India event was a huge success thanks largely to the local leadership that stood upto the start-up challenge and made it a rousing start. The global Accellera leadership put their bets on local leadership and they were proved right the first time!

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We at covered it extensively, see: One of the key results of this 2014 edition was the momentum created around “Portable Stimulus” so much so that one day of DVCon-India 2014 was unofficially termed as:


See a news coverage of that topic at:

That momentum really picked up globally, spreading to Europe and few dedicated sessions around Portable Stimulus were organized there, see: Verification Horizons blog – DVCon India: A Smashing Hit!

Fast forward to 2015, the recently concluded DVCon USA 2015 carried forward that momentum of Portable Stimulus, see related video at: EDACafe report on DVCon USA 2015

So one could relate it to India’s recent MakeInIndia campaign from a VLSI Technology angle that we have local ecosystem driving, making the contributions to this emerging standard and participating with great enthusiasm. In particular this new standard initiative has shown that India based companies have raised in the value chain quite high by joining the Accellera membership and are driving this standard-in-the-making. Some of the Indian origin companies driving this standard are:

And most of the other membership companies driving this standard have representatives in India. Notably Agnisys, with its R&D centre in Noida, Delhi actively participates in this standard as well.

Since DVCon India gave a meaningful buzz around Portable Stimulus and is on its way to becoming an Accellera standard we could take a slice of that pride with us!




This year we hope to see more MakeInIndia companies, especially the IP companies that have made it big in recent years globally to actively participate. A recent survey of them was done by VerifNews as part of our D&R IP-SoC Days coverage:

We hope that most of these local IP companies participate at DVCon India 2015 making the MakeInIndia campaign very successful.

To continue that momentum the DVCon India committee has been working even harder to make the event a bigger success in 2015.



So do take a look at the Call For Papers and sponsorship opportunities at

As we get closer to the event, stay tuned to VerifNews for the latest on this event and the larger MakeInIndia campaign as it related the VLSI ecosystem.