One of the emerging VIP players from India, TrueChip (  was exhibiting at DVCon USA 2015 for the consecutive second year. Our VerifNews team caught up with Nitin Kishore, CEO of Truechip at their booth at the event.



Here is a transcript:

VN: Tell us about your company please

NK: Truechip is one of the first, built-from-scratch VIP company from India. While there have been many companies doing services and some IPs, Truechip since beginning has been developing VIPs and have remained as a product company.  In that sense we are a trend setter and we now see few more companies following our model.

VN: How long have you been exhibiting at DVCon?

NK: Two years, last year we were here and we are back in 2015 as we see lot of customer interest here in our offerings.

VN: How do you see customer enthusiasm relative to previous years?

NK: We see very good enthusiasm and several customers are coming to our booth. It is great to be exhibiting at Silicon Valley and we hope to come here next year too!


VN: What are your new additions, offerings this year?

NK: We announced new products this year including PCIe Gen 2-3. We also launched DDR3, DDR4 VIPs and also LP-DDR3, LP-DDR4 VIPs. We shipped all these to customers in Q1 2015.

VN: What would be your focus in the upcoming quarters?

NK: We would look to increase our customer base. We received very good traction from our customers in 2014 and we hope to do even better in 2015 and increase our customer satisfaction. We plan to launch new titles in the next 2 quarters including PCIe Gen-4 and NVMExpress.

VN: Any other news you want to share with our VerifNews readers?

NK: We differentiate ourselves from competition by offering “Comprehensive VIP – CVIP” that includes assertions as well. Typically other vendors tend to provide 2 different VIPs one for UVM like and other for Assertions, we bundle them all in one to add more value for money to customers. Our CVIPs are aslo portable and run in simulation, emulation and prototyping.

VN: Thanks Nitin and good luck!