Invionics offers an IC development and design automation rapid development platform for semiconductor companies called Invio™.

I’m excited to announce that Invionics will demonstrate the rapid development capabilities of the Invio™ EDA Rapid Development Platform at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2015 (booth #2507) with a 48 hour DAC Design Challenge.  Invionics engineers will attempt to create a user suggested front-end EDA tool using the Invio Platform in 48 hours, live, during DAC.

Learn more about the 52DAC 48-hour challenge 
Please stop by our booth or contact us on Twitter (@invionics) using hashtag #Invio48 to suggest an app, vote on existing suggestions or get updates on the progress of our engineers back in Vancouver… then return at 2pm on Wednesday for a demo of the results and our iPad give-away!


Brad Quinton
CEO, Invionics Inc.