DVCon India 2015 welcomes you – by Ajeetha Kumari, General Vice-chair, DVCon India 2015


Are you involved in the field of electronics design, modelling and verification? If yes, here is one conference that you can’t afford to miss. It is the DVCon (Design and Verification Conference). As a popular conference being run in the USA for well over a decade it has attracted the top-notch engineering minds to share their experiences over many years. A brief history of the highly popular conference is at: http://verifnews.org/dvcon-india-2014/history-of-dvcon-dvcon-india/

As part of globalization, DVCon has expanded its reach to India and Europe in 2014. The DVCon India 2014 was a major hit with the audience, a Mentor Graphics blog entry summarized this very well at: http://blogs.mentor.com/verificationhorizons/blog/2014/10/09/dvcon-india-a-smashing-hit/

The team http://verifnews.org/dvcon-india-2014/dvcon-india-team/ behind this first-time-done-right event worked tirelessly during major part of 2014 to make this a reality.

Fast forward to 2015, it is no surprise that the event organizer, Accellera wants to build on the momentum and do a continuum with DVCon India 2015. Though ideally the organizing committee should have been retained to ensure the success, a slightly different team has been put in place for this year’s event to accommodate availability of team members. A partial team list (more updates to follow) is at: http://verifnews.org/conferences-events/dvcon-india-2015/dvcon-india-team/

It gives me immense pleasure to continue to serve as the General Vice Chair for this year’s edition too. As part of my role to promote this event, last year I gave a Video introduction (https://vimeo.com/105907413). This year as the momentum is propelled by more participation from the sponsors I am hoping to provide a “continuum” of coverage starting now leading all the way upto the event in Sep. Through various interviews with our team members, industry veterans etc. I am hoping to provide our readers a continuous, real-time updates to this event.

So let us start the countdown to our industry’s most awaited event of the year: 

DVCon India Countdown