I recently met  Harry D Foster (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/harry-foster/0/41a/19a), Chief Verification Scientist, Mentor Graphics at a recent “Verification Seminar” in Bangalore. We discussed a range of topics related to DVCon and here are excerpts:

  • [VN] It is pleasure having you here Harry, can you share your experience with DVCon in general please?
    • [HF] I’ve been involved with DVCon US edition since its beginning. This is THE place where you can benchmark yourself with the rest of community. While there are many conferences for academicians across the globe, but not that many exist for working professionals. DVCon over the years have been filling this gap and it presents itself as one of few conferences primarily for Industry folks, with deep technical content. At DVCon we see lots of experience sharing. It enables the ecosystem for start-ups, new ideas and techniques. What has made DVCon successful as a continuum is the quality of the technical contents.
  • [VN] What are your thoughts on DVCon-India?
    • [HF] It is great to see the global expansion and wider reach of the brand DVCon. Last year it entered India and Europe. Both the events were well attended like everywhere else. And the DVCon India has been a “smashing hit” as per our observers from Mentor Graphics. Though I wasn’t attending it last year, this year I’m excited to be part of it. I hope to come back in Sep for DVCon India 2015 and share my thoughts, experiences with the local audience.
  • [VN] How do you find the Design-Verification community in India?
    • [HF] The engineering community in India is highly energetic, motivated and looking forward type. This is proven by series of surveys we did over last few years: The 2014 Wilson Research Group Functional Verification Study reveals that Indian engineering community adopts leading techniques quickly than the rest of the world. Here is some statistics to show this trend: https://pradeepchakraborty.wordpress.com/category/22nm/ In general we see that India is leading in terms of technology adoption be it SV, UVM, Emulation, acceleration. Key factors for this achievement is Software background, number of engineers available and the vast intellectual capital that’s getting retained in India.

We will continue this in our part-2 shortly. Listen to Harry on his views on Industry forecasts, future of DVCon India and of-course on Assertions! So much more to come, stay tuned to VerifNews.org 


The DVCon India countdown:

DVCon India Countdown