As part of my continuing build-up to DVCon India 2015, I caught up with this year DV-TPC co-chair, Mr. Shankar Hemmady at Synopsys. As always, interaction with Shankar is free flowing, pleasant with deep insights into the VLSI industry across the globe. His contributions to the DV world are well known thanks to his continued service at DAC, DVCon USA for many years. Shankar also co-authored a popular book on “Metric Driven Design Verification”. So I submit this issue of countdown series to our readers from someone “deep in the trenches”.

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[VN] Can you share your experience with DVCon in general please?

[SH] DVCon is one of a handful of conferences I look forward to each year since the early 2000s. It is very relevant to our work. This is the place to meet peers across the globe. To learn what’s new in technology, methodology. And all it takes is showing up, being present!

[VN] What are your thoughts on DVCon-India?

[SH] India has grown exponentially in terms of its participation and leadership in the Design/Verification space over the past couple of decades. DVCon India (along with DVCon Europe) recognizes the need for a face to face gathering of engineers in South Asia and in other regions. Looking at the enthusiasm and attendance last year, I am all excited to be a part of this effort now, and in future.

[VN] What would like to see/add to DVCon-India?

[SH] I would like to see slow and steady growth. Based on the incoming proposals for tutorials, panels, papers, and sponsorships, I see that this year we will again have record attendance in most sessions!

[VN] Will you be attending DVCon India 2015?

[SH] Yes indeed. I am excited to be a part of the TPC. Can’t wait to meet my fellow colleagues.

[VN] Thank you so much Shankar for your candid thoughts, we look forward to seeing you at the event!

The DVCon India countdown:

DVCon India Countdown