In this edition of my DVCon India 2015 countdown, I am bringing views from one of the high intellect, value driven #MakieInIndia companies, Arrow Devices. Our VerifNews team recently spoke with Aditya Mittal, Founder & CEO at Arrow Devices.


[VN] Can you share your experience with DVCon in general please?

[AM] DVCon is a great place to interact with design/verification engineers. Unlike other conferences, there is a very sharp focus on DV activities. This means that it attracts the right kind of visitors as well as sponsors. The content, talks, paper presentations and booth displays are highly relevant. Additionally, DVCon is very professionally organized.

[VN] What are your thoughts on DVCon-India?

[AM] DVCon-India is in its infancy but since a lot of the design and verification is now happening in India, I see a bright future ahead. Although last year was DVCon’s debut in India, it was very well organized and attended. DVCon is a great way for Indian DV engineers to update themselves about the latest methodologies, tools and trends in the DV domain. It also provides a great networking platform to connect with other engineers and the eco-system in general.

[VN] Will you be attending DVCon India 2015?

[AM] Yes, I look forward to attending DVCon-India 2015. It’s a great way to update oneself with the latest technology trends and also to touch base with long lost friends.

[VN] How do you find the Design-Verification community in India?

[AM] The DV community in India has been growing rapidly in the past few years. We need to now grow in terms of skill-set and productivity. Engineers need to find innovative solutions to DV problems that they face on a daily basis. We need to focus on automating these DV tasks and enhancing productivity in order to achieve a higher impact and deliver higher value.

[VN] What are your views on this year and next year growth about semiconductor industry? India in particular?

[AM] Semiconductor industry seems to be going through a phase of consolidation as can be seen by the spate of mergers/acquisitions in 2015. Since international players currently dominate the Indian semiconductor ecosystem, its growth will largely be inline with worldwide trends.


AM_Arrow Aditya graduated from IIT Bombay with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in Microelectronics. He has over 13 years of experience in technical as well as commercial aspects of the semiconductor industry. Before establishing Arrow Devices, an EDA and semiconductor IP startup, Aditya was Senior Design Engineer at Nvidia. Aditya has been granted 2 US patents till date.