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As part of my DVCon India 2015 countdown, I recently had a chat with Dr. Brad Quinton, CEO at Invionics Inc. Invio as a product from Invionics provides a custom EDA platform for semiconductor design houses to build own tools on need basis. As a serial entrepreneur I am glad to work with Brad, an young entrepreneur at Invionics on this and hearing his fresh thoughts on this ecosystem, event and beyond.

[VN] Can you share your experience with DVCon in general please?

[BQ] Although, I have not yet had the chance to attend DVCon India in person, I have heard many positive reports about the exciting and high quality material presented in the past at this conference.

[VN] What are your thoughts on DVCon-India?

[BQ] I think DVCon-India is an exciting chance for the large design and verification community in India to work together to share knowledge for mutual gain.

[VN] What would like to see/add to DVCon-India?

[BQ] I’d like to see the addition of a shared, open repository (for instance using GitHub) that presenters or exhibitors can use to provide easily accessible concrete examples of the work they are doing and raw dumps of experimental results so others can re-create their work.

[VN] Will you be attending DVCon India 2015?

[BQ] Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year.

[VN] How do you find the Design-Verification community in India?

[BQ] I find the Design-Verification community in India to be motivated, dynamic and focused on pushing the industry forward.

[VN] What are your views on this year and next year growth about semiconductor industry? India in particular?

[BQ] I believe that the semiconductor market will continue to grow quickly driven particularly by the mobile space. I believe India is well positioned for growth, particularly in the verification space, given that verification challenges of the next generation of mobile SoCs looks to be large and complex.


Dr. Brad Quinton has been working in the high technology industry for 16 years. He is proven leader and technical innovator. He has successfully straddled the research and commercial sides of the semiconductor and EDA space, working in parallel with much of his academic research, he received his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia in October 2008. His research lead to the formation of Veridae Systems in 2009 where he was the technical, product management and marketing lead. The venture developed a world class EDA debug product, Certus, and sold it to leading semiconductor companies. Veridae was acquired by Tektronix and Brad lead Tektronix’s Embedded Instruments Group, as Chief Architect, until May 2013. Between 2006 and 2008, he was a Consultant and Senior Design Engineer at Teradici Corporation where he designed new circuits and debugged new devices. Before this time, Brad worked for Altera, helping resolve key issues with a new product they had introduced. From 1998 to 2003, Dr. Quinton was at PMC-Sierra where as Project Lead he directly managed at team of engineers and a multi-million dollar IC development. This project was successfully released into the market. Brad is also currently an Adjunct Professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia where he teaches and does research in VLSI design and associated CAD tools.