On my global tour of DVCon India 2015 countdown, I stopped by “the city of the Maca” – Wavre, a city in the heart of Belgium, Europe. Our VerifNews team recently enabled a FPGA user survey at http://verifnews.org/2015/08/exostiv-labss-fpga-survey/ . As a part of continuing limelight on the growing importance of FPGA based design-verification, we decided to bring views from Frédéric, CEO and founder of Byte Paradigm in 2005 and Exostiv Labs in 2015.



Below is Aperçu (Preview in French) of what DVCon means to Europe and Exostiv Labs.

[VN] Can you share your experience with DVCon in general please?

[FL] This year will be our first participation to the European edition of DVCon. This will be a test for a potential future participation to the US and Indian editions.

[VN] What are your thoughts on DVCon-India?

[FL] I find it is interesting that India is ‘the’ place in Asia where DVCon happens. This year, we launch our Exostiv solution, and there has been a great deal of interest from FPGA and ASIC engineers from India. So, I am intrigued to see whether DVCon India will be a success this year and what will be the general tone of the event. Once again, unfortunately, we cannot participate this year. I’ll be watching what happens there from the distance.

[VN] What would like to see/add to DVCon-India?

[FL] I’d like to see whether DVCon India will bring anything specific to DVCon in general. Far too often, non-US editions of trade shows and conferences (like DVCon Europe or DVCon India) kind of ‘repeat’ what is already said in the US. Will the rich engineering ecosystem in India bring unique colors to DVCon?

[VN] Will you be attending DVCon India 2015?

[FL] Once again, no, unfortunately, we are too busy preparing the launch of our product. We’ll test DVCon from Europe (Munich, November).

[VN] How do you find the Design-Verification community in India?

[FL] I believe it is very ‘accessible’, especially from Europe. I think it is relatively easy to communicate with this community and that it is eager to share and communicate with it.

[VN] What are your views on this year and next year growth about semiconductor industry? India in particular?

[FL] I think it will be limited – we hear that it will somehow be ‘gloomy’ – and these news come first from manufacturers. This said, our company primarily cares about helping engineers, and as such, we are in touch with new designs. Technically, there are a lot of exciting challenges – and a lot of activity too. I do not have any specific view for India.


Frédéric Leens is an entrepreneur and a specialist of the semiconductor and electronics industries with a taste for corporate marketing and strategy. Frédéric is the CEO and founder of Byte Paradigm in 2005 and Exostiv Labs in 2015. Byte Paradigm provides design services and test and measurement tools to the embedded electronics industry. Exostiv Labs is a recent venture of Byte Paradigm that specifically focuses on the strongly growing FPGA & programmable logic verification market. Before founding Byte Paradigm, he was project leader and system architect at Barco, the specialist in display and visualization technologies. He successfully managed cross-continents teams on electronic engineering projects that included silicon chip and software design.