In this edition of my DVCon India 2015 countdown, I bring views from Paripath, a young, dynamic EDA start-up in the design space. Paripath is focused on solving problems for the 25nm, 14nm and below nodes with modern characterization tool set. I spoke to Rohit Sharma, founder of Paripath about his views on DVCon. With a good share of world’s library, cell and memory characterization being done in this part of the globe, Rohit’s views are very relevant to the local semiconductor ecosystem. Rohit also helped us during our DVCon USA 2014 coverage for VerifNews.

[VN] Can you share your experience with DVCon in general please?

[RS] DVCon is one of the premier conferences of Electronic Design Automation industry. I’ve attended discussions, tutorials and exhibits at DVCon. One can find everyone part of brain trust of verification technology, which makes it a great place to schmooze.

[VN] What are your thoughts on DVCon-India?

[RS] Admittedly, I’ve not been part of DVCon India. Given that significant part of design verification workforce is in India, working on most challenging verification issues. It is a good idea to have India as one of the prime location for DVCon. It enriches verification technology as well as industry.

[VN] What would like to see/add to DVCon-India?

[RS] We would like to see more back end including circuit simulation, circuit verification and circuit modelling solutions, technologies and products as part of DVCon-India.

[VN] Will you be attending DVCon India 2015?

[RS] This year (2015) Paripath ( does not plan to exhibit at DVcon in 2015. Once we roll out product in verification domain, we definitely plan to exhibit and attend DVCon-India.

[VN] How do you find the Design-Verification community in India?

[RS] Over the years, I’ve interacted with few passionate verification engineers in India. Design verification community in India is fast becoming guiding force in driving verification solution with technology solutions and niche technologies. It is bound to prosper in coming years.

[VN] What are your views on this year and next year growth about semiconductor industry? India in particular?

[RS] Semiconductor industry continues to grow in revenue (expected to cross over $350B in 2015) as well as workforce. There’ve been significant M&A news in last few quarters (LSI, Broadcom, Avago) and this goes to show that large players in the market continue to believe and drive the growth. In terms of technology, mobile phones and SSDs continue to lead. India being a primary technology destination will benefit from increased investment in skilled force.

[VN] Thanks Rohit for your thoughts on DVCon India, good luck with your start-up!