This year the DVCon India attendees will have a lot to choose from, thanks to a very interesting and diverse agenda set by the TPC (Technical Program Committee). As noted by popular blogger Gabe in his article at:

 gabeinformalnewI think attendees may at times have a hard time deciding what to attend..


Based on our past experience in attending several similar conferences we believe the delegates tend to browse through the agenda many-a-times to choose session of their choice. With as many as 5 parallel tracks, the choice will be very dynamic we believe!




Especially on Day-2 of the event where-in the attendees have a choice at every 30 minutes boundary this will be quite a bit of a game. This is why we at VerifNews have created a tiny mobile app that you can download for free. We did the same for DVCon India 2014 and now ported it to this new edition!

Grab it from here, have it handy, and:  Gogreen

This mobile app was developed by Arunachalam and team from