As part of our DVCon India 2015 coverage, here is an article on a keynote delivered by Harry Foster at Mentor Graphics. Harry presented on: From Growing Complexity to Faster Horses. Given Harry’s earlier connection to DVCon India countdown in 2 parts, his talk was one of the most awaited ones at the event!

Major part of his talk was around the customized version of Mentor’s recent survey on this industry. The customization he has done to include “India” specific data was very well received and applauded by one-and-all.


A twitter conversation on this exciting talk summarized it well as:


While a detailed blog on that would be great, we will work with the presenters to see if we can grab the data to do that. For now as a quick summary Harry noted that India and specifically the engineers here are doing extremely well in adopting most of the modern design verification technologies such as SystemVerilog, UVM, SVA etc. He also identified few areas such as CDC, formal apps adoption that could be improved.