As part of our DVCon India 2015 coverage, here is a detailed coverage on one of the most awaited keynotes of this year DVCon India 2015. This keynote was from Manoj Gandhi, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Verification Group at Synopsys. There were several reasons why Manoj’s presence was much awaited at DVCon India. First of all he is one of the senior most executives in the fascinating field of EDA industry leading the Verification Group at Synopsys, USA. Then he was recently award the Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2015 by the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur:


So being a local hero of the show Manoj spoke on the topic of Propelling the Next Generation of Verification Innovation. Manoj walked the audience through 30+ years of semiconductor growth in India and also presented few slides on “What is unique about India in EDA?”


Manoj explained why Synopsys is betting on the FPGA based prototyping and emulation than the traditional emulation solutions to take this technology to the masses. Manoj invited questions from the audience and got a good response. On a question on Debug automation with Verdi Apps, Manoj indicated the commitment to continued DVCon India support by suggesting to have a tutorial on developing debug apps on top of Verdi’s Open Debug API.


Overall Manoj’s keynote was very well received and we hope that Synopsys will be back at DVCon India 2016 and beyond!