On a cold winter morning, the national capital New Delhi woke upto a slow start on 29th Dec 2015. A mild breeze was adding to the chill temperature of 10 Degrees. IIT Delhi housed at “Hauz Khas” was buzzing with action thanks to the Alumni Day 2015 event. One of the most popular hangouts within the prestigious IIT Delhi campus is the “Wind T” area. For those familiar with this area/IIT-Delhi, this is windy even on a normal day (“Wind T” – “Wind Tunnel”; doesn’t the name suggest it anyway? J). Given the winter morning the Wind T area was chill indeed!


However as the day progressed, this “cold” area slowly became the “hottest spot” on the entire campus (if not the entire Delhi). What changed?


Wind T area became pretty much a “start-up street” with top 25 innovators showcasing their products and solutions as part of the Alumni Day. It was a fun filled day for all those visited live and for those who remotely tuned in via social media.

Below are some live pictures from the start-up street at IIT-Delhi for your eyes only!

IMG_20151229_160956614_HDR  IMG_20151229_151643517  IMG_20151229_151556422

Our partner EDA start-up VerifWorks (http://www.verifworks.com) was shortlisted as well.

IMG_20151229_153019512_HDR IMG_20151229_151702769_HDR IMG_20151229_160956614_HDR

At the end of the day,VerifWorks (http://www.verifworks.com) was among the top-6 innovators that won a handy cash prize, more on that later here