DVCon 2016 is next week – preview of our contributions

The primary annual technical carnival of the VLSI & EDA industry focusing on front-end design is DVCon. Since its inception several years ago (a very good history of DVCon is at: DVCon History), DVCon has spread its wings across the globe with India and EU editions added 2 years ago. Our investors and key executives have a long history of more than 30 years of experience combined in this industry and it is quite natural that we have been playing a crucial role in this DVCon over the years. Specifically Mrs. Ajeetha Kumari, our co-founder has been instrumental in bringing DVCon to India and was fondly acknowledged of this sincere hard-work and contributions on stage

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6Nnpa5BkTk) by none other than Mr. Dennis Brophy, an EDA veteran. Ajeetha has also served as the General vice-chair of DVCon India for the first two years doing what she is very good at – nurture new ventures/initiatives/engineers to run for many decades to come.

Our other co-founder Mr. Srinivasan Venkataramanan has served as reviewer for many similar conferences across the globe including DAC, DVCon USA and DVCon India for the past several years. He also served as the chair of Technical Program Committee (TPC) at DVCon India for 2 years. Specifically for this year’s DVCon US 2016 edition, Srini has served as a TPC member reviewing papers. He has also been invited to present a highly technical tutorial on UVM along with Srivatsa Vasudevan of Synopsys and Doug Perry. This would clearly be the most sought out, advanced UVM hands-on tips and tricks session on this planet. So make sure to register and attend this high profile, technical tutorial. Attendees will also get a sneak preview of how IEEE P1800.2 standard is evolving from where Accellera UVM 1.2 has donated it to IEEE.


More updates on DVCon US soon. Stay tuned!