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Counting Down To DVCon India

We had a great start to DVCon India in 2014. Here is an article we did on the history of DVCon India – History of DVCon, DVCon India

That’s wonderful, one-off success, maybe? We had a second time success in DVCon India 2015 – it was huge hit. I hear a loud ensemble of “Once More” across community.


We are aiming for the same of DVCon India 2016. Glad to be part of Steering Committee as well as Promotions committee of 2016 team. Visit www.dvcon-india.org for this year team. Lot of changes in TPC of both tracks.

At VerifNews, we started a Countdown series for DVCon India 2015 (http://verifnews.org/category/conferences/dvcon-india-2015/) and became a grand success – thanks to several industry leaders speaking to us on this countdown.



We are planning to continue that momentum with a series of articles with Who’s who of this industry. Stay tuned. Ladies and gentlemen let us raise the curtain for DVCon India 2016.