huanying – 欢迎 – huānyíng

DVCon is going places indeed – semiconductor industry’s most popular industry event focusing on Design & Verification has been a regular event in the US for many years. To learn more about the history of this event, see: History of DVCon, DVCon India Back in 2014 Accellera worked with key industry stakeholders and partners across the globe to expand DVCon to India and Europe. Below is a short video capture from DVCon India 2015.

With the taste of success that DVCon has seen in India and Europe, Accellera has decided to expand this event to China in 2017. Various teams have been formed with industry and academic leaders to contribute from across the globe for this exciting upcoming DVCon China 2017. The main steering committee is composed of various local leaders: DVCon_China_steering_commMore details are at DVCon China 2017 web-site. We at VerifNews have been pioneering pre-and-post coverage of these important events for few years by now. We are humbled and very pleased to provide our extended technical and organizational skills to this exciting, upcoming DVCon China 2017. To be specific we will be doing promotional blogging about this event as we get closer to the event starting with this very post that you are reading now! We also have our founders of VerifNews assisting in various committees of DVCon China. Mrs. Ajeetha is serving in Tutorial Committee and given her passion to promote these events via countdowns, she is also assisting in DVCon China promotions committee.

Ajeetha serving in DVCon China Tutorial Committee

We also have our beloved Srini serving in the TPC – Technical Program Committee:


So DVCon China is poised for an interesting launch as it has deep local expertise and also leverages on expertise from across the globe. Stay tuned to VerifNews for more coverage of DVCon China 2017!