We are glad to bring our next issue of this popular DVCon countdown series with Dave Kelf, VP of Marketing at OneSpin solutions.

      Counting Down To DVCon India

Below is a brief chat with Dave Kelf (DK),t hat our VerifNews (VN) team recently held:

[VN] Can you share your experience with DVCon in general please?

[DK] DVCon US and Europe is an excellent conference due to the blend of leading edge techniques presented in a practical manner. It is the one stop shop for attendees to get a refresher on new technology and approaches from many sources.

[VN] Have you been following DVCon India and also the countdown series? Your observations can be shared here.

[DK] Unfortunately not as we are not participating this year in DVCon India. However, we plan on participating next year. In general I think that holding a conference like this in India is an excellent idea and reflects on the importance of teams across the country in the global semiconductor community.

[VN] What would like to see/add to DVCon-India?

[DK] It looks in line with other DVCon’s, as far as I can tell. One of the most valuable items in DVCon Europe/US is the tutorial section, so making sure a strong tutorial program is part of the conference, I think, is important.

[VN] Will you be attending DVCon India 2016?

[DK] Unfortunately not. However, we will be at DVCon India 2017.

[VN] How do you find the Design-Verification community in India?

[DK] The Indian DV community is extremely interesting. Indian engineers in general represent some of the smartest in the world without question, and teams in India have a strong influence on devices designed in every country. Also there seems to be a willingness to share knowledge which helps grow the community significantly.

[VN] What are your views on this year and next year growth about semiconductor industry? India in particular?

[DK] Well it seems that Moore’s Law is slowing down but this has driven a new need to increase the complexity and features in devices without relying on geometry shrinkage. This in turn has lead to a more community approach to design, with IP sharing across companies. This environment I think suits the Indian community well as it will foster individual creativity and allow IP to be produced more easily from smaller teams.

[VN] Thank you very much Dave for your candid views. We wish you great success!


Brief Bio of the speaker:

Dave Portrait

Dave Kelf heads up OneSpin’s marketing. After an engineering career at Plessey and Nortel, he held in various roles at Cadence, and was responsible for Verilog and VHDL verification marketing in the 90’s. As the marketing VP at Co-Design Automation, and then Synopsys Kelf oversaw the introduction of the SystemVerilog language, before running marketing for Novas Software, the debug leaders. He also founded and ran a wireless IP company. Kelf holds a MSc in Microelectronics and an MBA. He is active in industry organizations and was the Treasurer of Accellera.