Debug is one area that requires automation much more than available today. With Verdi’s NPI and emerging DDI (Debug Data Interface) becoming popular, third party “apps” to solve common debug problems are emerging fast in the market (e.g. RTGen from VerifWorks).

One of the common tasks for regression analysis teams is to quickly narrow down the failures relative to previous, stable version of the design. As some of our VerifNews readers know, we have been reporting on this niche EDA tool from a company in Europe named Verifyter for a while now. Refer to our previous post on PinDown at: PinDown from Verifyter – Reduce Debug Times With latest release of PinDown, Verifyter claims to narrow down the failure to the exact file that caused the failure.

Picking up from Verifyter’s recent news release at: “NEW RELEASE! PinDown 4.1 File Granularity” the below screenshot summarizes the new feature concisely.

It doesn’t stop there – Verifyter aims to narrow it down to a line number by end of 2016! So stay tuned to VerifNews for more updates on this emerging technology.


Special thanks to Daniel Hansson, CEO @ Verifyter for this news update.