For all the Design-Verification engineers out there in India, an important event alert! As a country with maximum number of Design Verification engineers in the world, there is more reason to cherish – The “India UVM Day” is here in Bangalore on 24-Apr-2018. Register today for FREE @

Here is a brief of what attendees can expect during this India UVM Day – It is a repeat session of what IEEE/Accellera working group presented at recent DVCon USA 2018 as a tutorial:


IEEE-Compatible UVM Reference Implementation and Verification Components

This tutorial will introduce engineers to the new reference implementation aligned with IEEE 1800.2 created by the Accellera UVM WG. The speakers will use the new reference implementation to describe the new features and changes relative to UVM 1.2. Engineers attending the tutorial will learn the steps they need to take to update their verification components to be IEEE-compatible. Code examples and interactive discussions with members of the Accellera UVM WG will help engineers gain the practical knowledge they need to adopt the IEEE 1800.2™ Standard for UVM.

At the India UVM Day, Mr. Srivatsa Vasudevan will present with due acknowledgements to the entire WG (Working Group) will present the same content as the DVCon USA tutorial.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear straight from the horse’s mouth on this important update. Register today for FREE @

As UVM has evolved over last decade, VerifWorks, a host of this exciting 1-day event has been developing products and solutions around this standard. India has been adopting Specman, Vera and SystemVerilog since its inception. Fuelled by strong ecosystem partners such as CVC (, India based engineers have been equipping themselves with latest trends in this industry before rest of the world does. Back in 2014, CVC hosted a “UVM 1.2 Day” in Bangalore to update engineers on the latest changes from UVM 1.1 to UVM 1.2. Mr. Dennis Brophy from Accellera announced the “Birthday of UVM 1.2“.



Here is another opportunity for us to bring the latest IEEE UVM to India. Come and be part of this historical event! Register @