comp_historyFor many, what at one stage of life was the most boring topic becomes interesting at later stage.  One such topic is HISTORY! Whether it is boring or not, it is always good to know the history behind to appreciate and predict the future. Sure we don’t want to continue any fights from the past, but take motivation from history. It is in this context, we at VerifNews did some detailed research into the history of various conferences that led to this mega event DVCon India.

For a 10,000 foot view of the history, or a glimpse of it in single picture, here it is:


Now the details, chronologically:

The Humble beginning: Back when VHDL was first standardized in 1987, there was virtually no competition. The first user group meeting of VHDL users was a small BoF meeting at the 24th DAC 1988 at Anaheim, CA, USA          

     . DAC_24th_1997SNPS_at_DAC1988

 Interestingly, it was also the first time Synopsys, now a major EDA vendor exhibited for the first time at DAC.  Source: 

Soon it was officially called VUG – VHDL Users Group and then in the year 1991 it was renamed to:  VIUF – VHDL International Users Forum 

Verilog was quick to follow  and the first  IVC – International Verilog Conference was organized in 1992. For a few years it was the unofficial cold war in a softer way, fondly referred to as “HDL war”.

The merger – VIUF & IVC –> HDLCon

In the year 1997, the two conferences joined  to become IVC/VIUF, more commonly known as HDLCon. It was attracting good talent, audience as the two camps started working together. It signalled the end of cold/HDL war. 

Birth of DVCon –> 2003

It is in the year 2003, that the Accellera committee decided to rename the HDLCon to DVCon to be more inline with the industry’s acceptance of various Design & Verification languages, standards way beyond traditional HDLs. Some of them being:

  • SystemC
  • OpenVera
  • E/Specman
  • SystemVerilog
  • PSL etc

That marked the birth of DVCon!

happy-birthday3    DVCon

Now to the current/future:

As mentioned in our earlier blog entry, here is a rough picture of related events and their origins in India.


In the year 2012, first ever India SystemC User Group (ISCUG) was organized. It was modelled much like the popular NASCUG (North American SystemC User Group).


In the late 2013, early 2014 organizers, regulars of erstwhile ISCUG and DVCon USA held several meetings and explored ways of bringing DVCon to India and now we are here to stay for long, hopefully.

So that history has taken significant hours of thinking, searching on the net and editing and we hope you – the readers enjoy the same!

Note: Any errors/deviations on the timelines are purely editorial and any feedback with possible corrections (with authentic information/links) would be much appreciated.

To end, here is the full picture once again for-your-eyes-only 🙂





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