Why DVCon India is so exciting? – Views from various stakeholders, part-1

In case you haven’t heard the BIG news for 2014 in VLSI Design field in India, here you go: DVCon, the most popular Verification centric conferences across the world in the field of Electronics (VLSI) Design is expanding to other geographies in 2014. After successful run in the USA for well over the last decade, […]


OneSpin Solutions Germany announces Quantify technology – latest in the field of Formal Driven Verification

OneSpin solutions announces the release of Quantify product. As per our quick read, this is a great combination of Mutation Based Verification (a la yesteryear’s Certitude technology), formal driven coverage closure (automatic dead code detection, coverage waivers etc.) and more. Read OneSpin’s PR @ http://onespin-solutions.com/index.php/press-releases-reader/items/quantify-announcement-pr.html  

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